Microlaena stipoides – Weeping Grass – native grass

Weeping Grass


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Poa labillardieri – Common Tussock Grass

RE-VEGETATION GRASSES: bluedale Wholesale Nursery is a major supplier of grasses for re-vegetation of native bushland, riparian zones & eco-projects. We have also supplied native grasses for many commercial projects from highway regeneration projects to buffer zone plantings in new residential sub-divisions. Weed control can be by far the single biggest issue to contend with particularly on degraded sites.  Using carefully selected grasses in your core planting will provide the necessary weed control, giving smaller and less robust plants (which have difficulty out-competing exotic weeds) a chance to establish.  

Native grasses are also widely used for effective ground cover, soil and dune stabilisation,  as well as for their natural beauty used by commercial and residential landscapers for their decorative and feature planting. bluedale also grows a selection of exotic grasses like Pennisetum advena ‘Rubrum’ – Purple Fountain Grass  – loved by landscape architects and gardeners alike.

native grasses - bluedale wholesale nursery

Pennisetum advena ‘Rubrum’ – Purple Fountain Grass – exotic grass

A healthy understorey of native grasses plays an important role in natural ecosystems as well as being a valuable asset to private landholders. This all important layer provides essential habitat resources of food and shelter to numerous ‘beneficial’ insects along with many frogs, reptiles and birds. 

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Eastern Rosellas love Weeping Grass seed.

Microlaena stipoides – Weeping Grass also known as Meadow Rice Grass. This grass (like many native grasses) provides food for the larvae of many different kinds of butterflies. It will also feed small seed-eating birds such as Rosellas and Turquoise Parrots.

Contact bluedale wholesale nursery :  specialists in native grasses. We will be happy to discuss your next commercial landscaping project and offer advice, provide a quote, pre-grow and deliver your plants (we can even Contact Grow any exotics you may require) – all covered by the bluedale ‘peace of mind’ guarantee.

Review the range of native grasses regularly grown by bluedale.   If the grasses you require isn’t in our portfolio remember we can Contract Grow for you, so you can be sure you have healthy plants delivered, on time and within budget,  to complete your landscaping project.