Carbon offsets and positive steps to reduce carbon emissions are becoming a matter of urgency for the world. Eco Group is working with carbon initiative groups across our plant production, installation and land management efforts.

bluedale Wholesale Nursery and our partners at ecoplant and newera want to understand your position on this vital topic and share the knowledge we are gathering from our many clients, partners and collaborative projects we are involved in. We are reaching out to our clients and members of the landscaping sector to join the conservation with us.


Carbon offsetting is a means of counteracting the unavoidable emissions we create in our everyday lives… Trees remove or ‘sequester’ carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and convert it into organic carbon as they grow – storing it in their trunks, stems, leaves and roots. Approximately half the dry weight of a tree’s biomass is carbon. The amount of carbon sequestered per hectare depends on tree growth, which depends on the species and planting density. In high rainfall zones with good soil, it may take 3-5 trees over 25 years to sequester 1 tonne of CO2e. In lower rainfall zones with poorer soil, it could take as many as 15 trees!

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”  Carbon offsetting: does it actually work?  Carbon credits are generated by projects that reduce, remove or capture emissions from the atmosphere, like tree planting or replacing fossil-fuel generators with renewable energy. Australia has a voluntary government offset scheme, overseen by the Clean Energy Regulator. One Australian carbon credit unit, or ACCU, is created for each tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent that is stored or avoided by a project…”

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We can’t stabilise the climate without carbon offsets – so how do we make them work?

Most offsetting in Australia is done by reducing emissions. But as we get closer to net zero, these offsetting options will disappear. There will literally be fewer emissions to reduce, and those that remain will be more difficult and more expensive to eliminate… Even with strong policies to reach net-zero emissions in time, Australia will need offsets for hard-to-abate emissions sources, such as aviation, cement and beef cattle. The only option to deal with these emissions will be to offset them by deliberately removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere… Australia has plenty of land for planting trees to draw down carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, but we don’t have plenty of water or productive soil, and we’ll have even less as the climate warms…

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“ How do you measure how much carbon is being offset from a carbon project?

There is a government FullCAM model which allows us to calculate how much carbon has been sequestered from carbon offsetting projects. We input figures from the project into the model (i.e. where, how many trees and in what configurations), which uses a formula to calculate how much carbon will be removed from the atmosphere over a 25-year period.

This is a conservative estimate, but it’s better to err on the side of caution! Credits are only awarded to us by the Australian Government for growth as it occurs (since we last reported on growth). If the trees are lost, or damaged by fire, we don’t get any additional credits…

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In the coming months bluedale wholesale nursery and our sister companies  ecoplant and newera  will be exploring and participating in the carbon offset market. If you would like to receive our regular updates please send an email