Bluedale Wholesale Nursery specialises in Contract Growing native tubes, shrubs and groundcovers. We can also grow in bulk, to order, many other plants, including exotics.

We Contract Grow for clients in many landscaping sectors providing plants for retail promotions, commercial landscaping, state government projects, local government street tree planting, roads and highway landscaping, revegetation, market gardens and forestry trees seedlings and for many more types of projects.

You let us know the plants, the quantity, the required size, delivery time and the project address (or selling area if you are a retailer) and we can start the Growing process. We also offer an unrivalled advice service, if required, where we can discuss and advice on a potential plant list with you to best suit the purpose of the landscaping and its location.

Plants take time and care to grow, and in some cases years to achieve the desired size or look required.  Our horticultural consultants can help you to understand lead times, seasonal trends, let you know of new releases and discuss options to make sure you get the results you have envisaged. We also provide a provenance seed and propagation service. We have multiple growing locations so are able to tailor a solution perfect for your needs.

Landscape plans and designs are often created many months, sometimes years ahead of the planned installation. Often, however, the plant supply contract is not awarded until a month or so out from installation. This lack of notice means that, unless a nursery happens to have the right species available, in the right quantity and the right tube, pot or bag size (highly unlikely) then invariably substitutions must be made which will result in a finished landscaping project you wont be completely happy with. Making late plant substitutions generally has an adverse effect on your budget. A poor result for everyone.

Our specialist production team have over 30 years of production data to draw from and the relevant experience in growing healthy plants. We can grow your whole commercial landscaping project or certain elements.  All plants we deliver are covered by the Bluedale industry leading Guarantee:  if, on arrival, you are not completely happy with your plants, we will replace them at no extra cost or refund your money. No questions asked.

By having Bluedale involved in the planning stages it will take out the guesswork and stress from having to substitute with different flora at the time of planting, or miss out on key retail sales lines throughout the year. Contract Growing with Bluedale makes so much sense. On time. On budget. Every time.

Entering into a Contract Growing plan early in the project planning stage will result in the best planting results. Time frames will vary according to the time of year, species type, container size required, germination time and availability of seed / cuttings. Once we’ve discussed your project requirements we can more accurately assess lead times. The earlier we know, the more likely we will be able to meet your landscaping plant needs.

Contract Grown projects receive regular Progress Reports and onsite inspections are encouraged to ensure your future planting is hassle free.

Contact Bluedale today with an outline of your bulk plant growing requirements and time frame and we will provide you with our Contract Grow requisite form and payment terms. We look forward to hearing from you and being able to provide a quote for your next commercial landscaping project.