Genus Banksia and other native shrubs from Bluedale Wholesale Nursery

The “genius” that is Genus Banksia. There are 173 Banksia species, and all but ONE occur naturally only in Australia. Where do we find them? Short answer… all over Australia.

They are plentiful in South-western Australia with 60 species. They are an important part of the flora of Australia’s eastern coast and more scarce in arid regions of Australia or in the rainforests of the eastern coast… but still there.

How about the flowers and fruits?

Interesting fact: in many species the fruits will not open until they have been burnt or completely dried out.

See the PDF here showing the illustration of the basksia and it’s beautiful details

Bluedale grows Banksias from Seed for many of our clients on a Contract Grow basis.

Banksia - Bluedale Wholesale Nursery

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  1. They are easily propagated from seed
  2. We make sure the seeds have optimal germination conditions – sown in freely draining seed-raising mixture
  3. Frequent watering to make sure the soil does not dry out
  4. Banksia seedlings are prone to fungal attack so best practice handling is applied to limit this risk
  5. Seedlings are transplanted into small pots as soon as the first true leaves appear.
  6. Our potting mix made from equal parts of river sand, loam and leaf mould (or peat moss) and a Bluedale secret natural additive


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