Bluedale wholesale nurseries – NSW and QLD

Bluedale is a dedicated grower of plants for the wholesale landscaping sector, particularly Australian Native Plants, although our range does include Exotics requested by our clients. Our plant range includes the following cateogories: Grasses, Strappy Leaf plants, Wetland plants, Trees, Shrubs and Ground Cover plants. We have two wholesale nurseries – one at Wauchope NSW 2446 and one in Victoria Point, Queensland, 4165.   Bluedale’s annual production now exceeds over 2 million  plants (and growing daily). We have a thriving pre-grow service and are happy to discuss and offer advice on most commercial landscaping projects. Please feel free to contact us to see if we can help you with your next project requiring healthy plants. All plants we supply are covered by the Bluedale ‘Peace of Mind’  Guarantee.