Plant Nursery Industry in the time of COVID-19 – Bluedale Wholesale Nursery

We are all feeling the impacts of COVID on our lives and businesses, some far more than others. In the nursery production industry we are relatively fortunate that our businesses are outside, mostly anyway.
IBIS World has given us a few insights into what has been going on in the big picture. COVID has brought about some industry-wide shifts due to lockdowns and restricted travel.

  1. People spent more on their gardens
  2. Government agencies has for the most part kept moving forward with projects
  3. Nursery workers have, in the main, kept their jobs

Something to note: Garden centres in large hardware stores have been a growing source of competition for nurseries. The growth of large hardware retailers will likely contribute to industry price competition.

Contact us to discuss your next commercial landscaping project … look like we can still be ‘business as usual’… even during lockdowns.