Bluedale  has been approved to supply our clients with Ozbreed plants for over 5 years.

[Ozbreed is an environmental green life company that was established in 2002, specialising in breeding landscape gardening plants.]

We know what we are getting and our customers trust their brand… and here’s why:

1. Quality pursued and delivered

Quality control protocols undertaken in the breeding process ensure the plants are rigorously tested 5-10 years before they are commercially released.

2. Applied advanced knowledge at work

Ozbreed carries out ongoing research to support their customers and continue to develop new ways to produce healthier, hardier plants.

3. Sustained commitment to our Industry and customers

Ozbreed has been breeding reliable landscape plants for over 20 years. They are committed to maintaining a trusted brand.

Check out the beautiful Callistemon viminalis – Ozbreed ‘CVO1’ Slim’ ™ in our nursery at the moment.    We have many types of Callistemon in different sizes available now. Contact us for our updated PLANTS WE GROW list.  And if it isn’t on our list we can always arrange to  Contract Grow plants for your next wholesale landscaping project.