Bluedale Plant Profile – Micolaena stipoides – Weeping Grass – native

Weeping Grass

Here at Bluedale, we know our plants. Here is some information on one of our lovely products – Micolaena stipoides – Weeping Grass

Where does it like to grow? (climate and soil)

  1. Common in damp or semi-shaded areas
  2. Can become dominant in shaded areas, especially where rainfall is higher.
  3. Occurs on low to high fertility soils. Tolerant of high soil aluminium and drought

Tips on keeping it ‘tidy’

  1. Produces most growth from spring to autumn; winter growth is slow in cold areas
  2. Should be kept short to maintain quality, especially over summer.  However, heavy grazing in spring may reduce summer growth
  3. Will tolerate heavy shading from annuals in spring

For more details on Weeping Grass  you can see our project profile  HERE

Similar to the Common Wheatgrass (Elymus scaber) and silvery grass (Vulpia spp.) have similar seedheads, but don’t have two straight awns per spikelet

For more information on this grass, or similar grasses, the team at Bluedale Wholesale Nursery are very knowledgeable and would love to assist you.