Landscape grasses and re-vegetation grasses from Bluedale wholesale nurseries

GRASSESLANDSCAPE GRASSES: native grasses have long been a favourite of landscape designers. Their rustic appearance and ability to soften hard surfaces makes them a useful design element.   Landscape Grasses have large basal clumps that provide ground coverage to suppress exotic weeds. These grasses provide design options to create large blocks of foliage colour contrasts, many also have ornamental flower/seed heads. When designing with Landscape Grasses, a technique that is favoured by leading designers when mass planting, is to mix a ratio of 25% grasses to a singular or combination of 75% Lomandra, Dianella or Landscape Sedges. This approach produces a balance of seasonal foliage contrast with a core planting of evergreen plants.

RE-VEGETATION GRASSES: Bluedale is a major supplier of grasses for re-vegetation of native bushland, riparian zones & eco-projects. We have also supplied many projects from Highway regeneration projects to buffer zone plantings in new residential sub-divisions. Weed control can be by far the single biggest issue to contend with particularly on degraded sites.  Using care selected grasses in your core planting will provide the necessary weed control, giving smaller and less robust plants (which have difficulty out-competing exotic weeds) a chance to establish. Using grasses as understory planting will ensure the success of your project.

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