Strappy leaf plants from Bluedale wholesale nurseries

STRAPPY LEAFBluedale’s range of Strappy Leaf plants include species such as Lomandra & Dianella. Both of these Strappy Leaf plant varieties, and in particular the improved cultivars, have increasingly become favourites of Landscape Designers. Strappy Leaf plants add great foliage effects to any landscape style and are at home in public, commercial and domestic gardens. Many leading Landscape Architects and Designers have found the combination of Strappy Leaf plants mixed with native Grasses form fantastic foliage contrasts.

Dianella cultivars have been one of the fastest growing plant groups in horticulture. Some designers have moved away from using Dianella cultivars because they have at times have been unreliable; we still believe they are worth using in the landscape as they offer choice that other plants don’t. The current cultivars at Bluedale are much more dependable. We always welcome comments from Landscapers and Designers, so if you have suggestions with a particular type of Dianella we would love to hear from you. Each of the Dianella species in the Bluedale plant growing list is vastly different from each other in habit and form and each has its own application and specific cultural needs. We suggest particular care be given to their recommended aspect, watering and maintenance requirements and the application recommendations for each.

Lomandra varieties are still by far the toughest plants available for low maintenance, drought proof landscapes. Bluedale has for many years been introducing new cultivars of Lomandra, to the stage where we now have a Lomandra cultivar for every aspect of the landscape. Lomandra cultivars give landscape designers confidence  that their design will not be compromised with the uncertain randomness of common forms. Lomandra offers a uniform plant with uniform texture and uniform colour, to bring your designs to life.