Acacia falcata – HICKORY WATTLE – native shrub

Acacia falcata is a perennial shrub or tree native to eastern Australia.

The trunk is slender with generally smooth grey to black bark, but it can also be mottled and finely or deeply fissured. It is adaptable to a wide range of soils in cultivation, and its attractive foliage is a lovely feature.

They are a reliably hardy though perhaps a short lived shrub, typically living around 5 to 10 years.

The flowers occur in early winter on racemes which hold up to 20 quite tiny globular pale cream flower balls. They don’t flower prolifically every year, only when conditions suit, and particularly during dry spells.

Uses: mainly used in regeneration of bushland and as a stabiliser plant in revegetation of highways.


Dimensions: Height: 2 – 5 metres |  Width: 2 metres

Flowering: Small round flowers are cream or pale-yellow and appear in early winter from April to August. These are followed by thin seed pods which mature from September to December.

Aspect: Full sun.
Soil type: It grows predominantly on shale soils.
Planting rates: 2/m2

Maintenance: Hardy and adaptable to cultivation, it is easy to grow given a good sunlit position and good drainage.

Available sizes: tube stock
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