Acacia longifoliais – Sydney Golden Wattle – native shrub

Acacia longifolia is an attractive, large and bushy, fast-growing evergreen shrub. It is an excellent coastal tree with a useful life of 5-8 years and copes well with wind and pollution.

It prefers habitats such as coastal sand dunes, headlands, and adjacent alluvial flats. Can be planted around slow growing shrubs to offer protection during the establishment phase.

Uses: well suited for low maintenance areas such as road batters, for hydro-seeding work on banks where it will provide soil stabilisation and works well as a hedge plant or for screening.


Dimensions: Height: 7 – 10 metres |  Width: 4 metres

Flowering: The cylindrical flower-spikes are packed with bright to pale yellow coloured flowers, blooming from June to October.

Aspect: Although they prefer full sun they will grow in part shade but will produce less flowers.
Soil type: Can tolerate most soils, however prefers a well drained light or sandy soil.
Planting rates: 2/m2

Maintenance: Ensure adequate water during dry spells as it will die off in drought periods.

Available sizes: Tubestock
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