Angophora costata  Smooth-barked Apple, Sydney Red Gum, Rusty Gum,

Angophora costata, or Smooth-barked Apple, is a large, wide, spreading tree growing to a height of between 15m and 25m. The trunk is often gnarled and crooked with a pink to pale grey, sometimes rusty-stained bark. The timber is rather brittle. In nature the butts of fallen limbs form callused bumps on the trunk and add to the gnarled appearance. The old bark is shed in spring in large flakes with the new salmon-pink bark turning to pale grey before the next shedding.

This attractive Australian native tree is loved for its smooth bark that is slightly purple in colour. It has large and twisted limbs and a very large expanded trunk base. It bears white flower clusters in spring. This tree has opposite leaves compared to alternate leaves as seen in eucalypt tree varieties. It has beautiful red new growth.

Uses: A great tree for sandy dry areas. Great for parks and often seen in forest plantings. Appealing in large gardens and is great for native fauna habitat.


Dimensions: Height: 10 – 30 metres |  Width: 5 – 15 metres

Flowering: The flowers are white and very showy, being produced in large bunches December or January

Aspect: Prefers a full sun position.
Soil type: Will tolerate most soils and conditions but especially likes sandy soils.
Planting rates:

Maintenance: Needs very little maintenance once it is established.

Available sizes: varies size tubestock & 25L
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