Brachychiton populneus – Lacebark Kurrajong, Bottle Tree

Brachychiton populneus, commonly known as the Lacebark Kurrajong or Bottle Tree, is a small to medium-sized tree found naturally in Australia in a diversity of habitats from wetter coastal districts to semi-arid interiors of Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. The extended trunk is a water storage device for survival in a warm dry climate. The bell-shaped flowers are variable in colour (pale to pink) while the leaves vary considerably in shape.

Uses: fantastic for small gardens, a great feature tree. Can be used in streetscapes and parks. A great shade tree that can grow in most environments.


Dimensions: Height: 10 – 20 metres |  Width: 3m – 6m

Flowering: It produces white bell shaped flowers from Spring to early Summer amongst large leaves of varying shapes. It can become semi deciduous in early summer.

Aspect: Full sun
Soil type: Will tolerate very dry conditions in most soils from clay fertile to rocky hilltops. This tree is known to be moderately drought tolerant.
Planting rates:
Maintenance: Low maintenance
Available sizes: tubestock
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