Callistemon citrinus – Endeavour Bottlebrush

Callistemon citrinus is a dense upright evergreen shrub with a rounded habit growing to about 6m. It has broad stiff, green lanceolate leaves that have a strong lemon smell when crushed. The new growth is a lovely pink with a soft velvety feel.

It is a fast growing and tough plant. It is able to tolerate 2nd line salt, wind, drought, frost and even pollution. As with most Callistemons, this one is easily grown and will attract bird life to your garden.

It grows in swamps and riverbanks in the wild so it should perform ok in wetter soils too. Hardy and low maintenance.

Uses: It can be grown as a screen, hedge, and used as windbreaks. It is often seen in roadside plantings where it does well will little to no maintenance. Perfect for exposed steep slopes, rockeries and pots.  

Dimensions: Height: 4 metres |  Width: 2 – 3 metres

Flowering: In mid-spring and again in autumn (to a lesser extent) it is covered with lots of crimson red dense cylindrical spikes of bottlebrush flowers.

Aspect: Plant in full sun in an open position to maximise the number of flowers and density of the plant.
Soil type: Sandy, Clay, Loamy, Sandy loam, Clay loam, Poor soil
Planting rates: 2/m2

Maintenance: Responds to a light pruning after flowering to keep compact. Cut back just before the dead flower head to promote best growth. Once established it only requires watering in times of drought.

Available sizes: tube stock
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