Casuarina glauca – Swamp Oak, She-Oak, Grey Oak, River Oak

Casuarina glauca is commonly called the ‘Swamp Oak’ due to the wood’s oak-like appearance and natural occurrence near brackish waterways. They are often called ‘native pines’ because the foliage bears a similarity to pine needles.

Like other Casuarinas, a beautiful feature of this tree is the gentle rustling sound it produces when the weather is windy.

This is a fast growing tree, that returns nitrogen to the soil and is very good for remediating areas affected by salinity and seasonal water-logging. Tolerant of dry spells once established, frost tolerant. Heavy frost may brown the top foliage, but new growth will shoot away in spring.

Uses:  Ornamental tree,  makes a good windbreak tree and is very good for saline soils so does well in coastal areas.

Dimensions: Height: Up to 20 metres |  Width: 6 metres

Flowering: Male and female flowers appear between August and September. Female trees only bear the “cone” like fruit.

Aspect: Full sun to light shade.
Soil type: Soil conditions from arid to waterlogged are tolerated. It grows on alluvial soils of sandstone or shale origin, even soils with some salinity.
Planting rates: 0.2/m2

Maintenance: Water well in hot conditions – not so much in winter. Can tolerate moderate frosts. Pruning not necessary.

Available sizes: tubestock & 140mm pots, 200mm pots, 25L and 45L
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