Cymbopogon refractus – Barbed Wire Grass

Commonly called ‘Barbed Wire Grass’ as the seed looks like a piece of barbed wire. It is a warm season grass that occurs on poorer soil types. It forms a small tussock with glaucous foliage and tall slender seed heads to 1m tall.

Uses: Often used in land rehabilitation / re-vegetation on disturbed sites with rocky or skeletal substrates, stony slopes, and along watercourses

Dimensions: Height:Foliage to 300mm with the seed heads to 1 metre |  Width:300mm

Flowering:  from spring to autumn

Aspect: Full sun and up to 70% shade.
Soil type: Mostly on poor soil types
Planting rates: Tubes 5 to 7 per m2

Maintenance: Low to average

Available sizes: tubes
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