Cyperus exaltatus – Giant Sedge – common sedge  

A tussock forming perennial sedge, common in shallow water along fresh water dams, rivers, creeks and lagoons.  It is a quick growing colonizer ideal for constructed wetlands, as it quickly stabilizes soils and provides good animal habitat.  Tall clumping perennial with light green stems and foliage.

Uses: Constructed wetlands, Erosion control on dam and creek banks, Bird habitat.

Dimensions: Height: 1 – 1.5 metres |  Width:500mm –  1m

Flowering: Summer, autumn and winter. Yellow- brown flower spikes occurring in groups to form an umbrella shape.

Aspect: Grows in full sun and up to 50% shade in shallow water from 0-500mm deep, from the coast to inland areas Soil type: Most soils through to shallow water on river and stream banks.


Planting rates: Mass planting: 5 to 7/m2Maintenance: Requires consistent water

Available sizes: tubes
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