Doryanthes excelsa – Gymea Lily

The Gymea Lily is a stunning, architectural plant, with an upright, clumping growth habit and large sword shaped leaves.

It makes an eye catching feature plant when in flower, with long stems which can reach from 2 to 4 metres tall, topped by a large, rich red flower head. The flowers are rich in nectar, often being visited by birds, bees and other insects.

Naturally grows on the NSW central coast, but happy in a wider range, foliage is frost resistant, but flowers buds can be damaged by heavy frost.

Uses: Screen, windbreak, feature plant, erosion control, playground friendly, large rockeries and coastal gardens 

Dimensions: Height: 2 – 4 metres |  Width: 2 – 3 metres

Flowering: The red, trumpet-like flowers occur from October to November. The fruit is a woody capsule which splits open on ripening in January or February to release the brown, flattened and slightly winged seeds.

Aspect: Full sun to part shade
Soil type: Well-drained, deep soil
Planting rates:

Maintenance: It is very easy to maintain by simply cutting off the old flower heads and removing any dead or dying foliage in autumn. Needs to be kept well watered.

Available sizes: tubestock, 140mm pots, 200mm pots, 300mm pots & 25L
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