elaeocarpus reticulatusBlueberry ash

elaeocarpus reticulatus (Blueberry Ash) is a strikingly beautiful and hardy plant, which has many uses in a range of horticultural situations.It has a dense crown of foliage, and an approximately conical form. Performs best in rainforest and coastal scrub of Eastern Australia from Victoria up to Queensland.

Uses:Hedge, Ornamental, native re-vegetation, Fire Retardant

Dimensions: Height: 3-15 metres |  Width: 3-5 metres

Flowering: Flowering occurs in summer and masses of small, fringed, bell-shaped flowers are produced.

Aspect: From shade through to full sun
Soil type: Survives well in low nutrient and dry soils, sands and waterlogged areas are not favoured
Planting rates: 0.2/m2

Maintenance: Low maintenance to thrive although it performs best when well watered

Available sizes: 50mm tubes, 140mm pots & 200mm pots
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