Eucalyptus robusta – Swamp Mahogany

Good fast growing shade tree for coastal situations. A straight, upright tree with rough, fibrous bark on all branches providing a favoured food for koalas. The long irregular branches spread laterally, and form a dense canopy with the broad green leaves. Important autumn food source for lorikeets and parrots including some threatened birds. Swamp Mahogany is a long-lived tree that can live for at least 200 years.

Tolerates drought, moderate frost, soil salinity and water logging.

Uses: Ornamental, re-vegetation, good shade tree for sheltered seaside gardens.

Dimensions: Height: up to 30 metres |  Width:  5 metres

Flowering: White flowers from April to September

Aspect: Open sunny position
Soil type: Saline sandy or clay soils, poor drainage
Planting rates: 0.2/m2

Maintenance: Minimal, regular watering while establishing

Available sizes: tubestock, 140mm pots, 200mm pots, 25L
Availability: contact Bluedale Wholesale Nursery for current availability list or to discuss our pre-grow commercial plant service.