Eucalyptus tereticornis – Forest Red Gum

A handsome ornamental tree suitable for larger gardens and use as a street tree. Variable in its shape but generally grows into a rounded, arched shaped tree with a straight trunk, usually unbranched for more than half of the total height of the tree.

Tolerates a variety of soil types and is very hardy once established and will tolerate light frost. Grows near river banks, wetlands, low hills and plains, creek beds.

The bark is shed in irregular sheets, resulting in a smooth trunk surface coloured in attractive patches of white, grey and blue.

Uses: Windbreak and shade tree.

Dimensions: Height: 20 – 50 metres |  Width: 10 – 20 metres

Flowering: White flowers throughout the year

Aspect: Full sun to light shade
Soil type: Prefers moist heavy soil
Planting rates: 0.2/m2

Maintenance: Minimal, regular watering while establishing

Available sizes: tubestock, 140mm pots, 200mm pots, 25L, 45L
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