Hardenbergia violacea – Happy Wanderer – can actually be quite a variable species. Different forms can climb, trail or have a more upright shrubby habit. Choosing forms which trail or climb means you can also use them as a great groundcover. ‘Happy Wanderer’ can spread 2 metres or more along the ground giving you a fast quick growing ground cover alternative.  Climbing varieties are great for hiding ugly fences or for using on trellises and pergolas, they are also suitable for a pot or a container. Just trim them after flowering to maintain shape and to encourage new growth.

Dimensions: Height: 1.5 metres |  Width: 0.8 cm- 1.5 metres 

Flowering: Masses of sprays of purple pea flowers in late winter to spring.

Aspect: Sunny to light shade
Soil type: Loamy, Sandy loam, Clay loam
Planting rates: 4-6/m2

Maintenance: Low maintenance plant

Available sizes: tubestock & 140mm pots
Availability: contact Bluedale Wholesale  Nursery for current availability list or to discuss our pre-grow commercial plant service.