Hedera canariensis – Canary Island Ivy

A vigorous, clinging, evergreen climber. The hedera canariensis produces dark, full, rounded, brilliant green leaves and has the capacity to cover areas very quickly and densely. It produces aerial roots that will grip onto almost anything.

It also makes a very graceful ground cover, particularly under trees. Used to totally cover fences, house walls, sheds and old tree trunks. Keep this plant in check with regular maintenance.

Uses: ground cover, screening, stabilising steep banks


Dimensions: Height: 15cm – 30cm |  Width: 2-4 metres

Flowering: Flowers indescript however reddish appearance of undersides can occur of leaf and of stem is due to small, red, stellate or scale-like pubescence.

Aspect: Full sun to light shade
Soil type: Any soil, any place – this is a tough one that will grow almost anywhere.
Planting rates: 1-2/m2

Maintenance: Low Maintenance. Prune and direct runners as needed to contain its spread

Available sizes: Tubestock
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