Juniperus confertaShore Juniper

Juniperus conferta or Shore juniper is a dense, evergreen, low-spreading shrub that makes a great groundcover. The aromatic, fine needled foliage grows thickly to cover soil and rocks and it will drape itself elegantly over low walls.

It produces small, pale green berries and is very good in coastal situations.

Uses: Groundcover, Rockery, Shrubbery and suited to erosion control on embankments,

Dimensions: Height: 30cms |  Width: 2.5m

Flowering: Produces attractive berries

Aspect: Prefers a sunny position, but will tolerate partial shade
Soil type: Moist, free draining loam
Planting rates: 2/m2

Maintenance: Requires little to no maintenance

Available sizes: tube stock
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