Lepironia articulataGrey Sedge

A tall tightly rhizomatous macrophyte that forms large dense swards of foliage. It grows in ephemeral swamps and the margins of fresh water swamps. It often occurs in acid sulfate soils. Tall slender glaucous foliage forms large dense swards.

Uses: Lepironia is highly ornamental and has huge potential as a designer water feature plant.

Dimensions:Height: 1.5 metres to 3 metres Width: large dense swards.
Flowering:  its flower and seed head is conical and is carried near the top of the reed stem.
Aspect: Grows in full sun to 50% shade in ephemeral swamps and the margins of fresh water swamps in water 0—500mm deep. Lepironia is native to the Central Coast, Mid & North Coast and coastal Queensland. While it is naturally restricted to the coast it will grow in inland climates if protected from heavy frost.Soil type: Often occurs in acid sulphate soils.

Planting rates: Mass planting; 5 to 7/m2
Available sizes: tubes
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