Liriope muscari Evergreen giant

Liriope Evergreen Giant (Liriope muscari) is a strappy leafed perennial with green leaves and large stems of bell-shaped purple-blue flowers in Spring and Summer.

An extremely versatile clumping plant, Liriope is ideal for use as a border or ground cover. These almost indestructible plants are suitable to be used as a moderately fast growing mass planting, but also make a great specimen planting in the garden or pot. Liriope will grow well in a wide range of soils, are extremely drought and frost tolerant, but for best results a well drained soil and regular watering will keep plants looking and growing at their best.

Uses: Great as a border or for under-planting where layering is used to create depth.

Dimensions: Height: 45cm – 50 cms |  Width: 50cms
Flowering: Purple flower spikes in summer and autumn followed by deep blue berries.
Aspect: Full Sun to part shade, but best in full sun
Soil type: Plant in free draining soil rich in organic matter. Best in well drained soil.
Planting rates:

Maintenance: Extremely low maintenance, and grow equally well in full sun, part shade or even full shade. Extremely drought and frost tolerant.

Available sizes: tubestock &140mm pots
Availability: contact Bluedale Wholesale  Nursery for current availability list or to discuss our pre-grow commercial plant service.