Lophostemon confertus – Brush Box, Queensland Box

Also known as the Brisbane Box, Pink Box, Box Scrub, and Vinegar Tree.

Dome-like in shape, it develops a very dense foliage cover of dark green, leathery leaves providing good shade for the summer months. This variety rarely sheds limbs and has salmon coloured bark which flakes off over summer revealing orange-brown tones on the trunk.

Prized as a street tree, it is a hardy tree that is rarely troubled by pests or diseases. It tolerates smog, drought, heavy pruning and poor drainage. It also rarely drops branches. It’s a great shade tree which makes it suitable for parks, requiring little maintenance.

Uses: great for street trees, parks and gardens and as a feature tree. Good for erosion control and is fast growing.

Dimensions: Height: 15 metres |  Width: 10 metres

Flowering: Clusters of small white flowers whose stamens give them a decorative fluffy appearance in summer

Aspect: Prefers full sun
Soil type: Well drained, sandy/loam soils
Planting rates: Mass planting: Tubes 5 to 7/m2.  Pots 3 to 5/m2  | Specimen planting: Tubes 3/m2.  Pots 1 to 3/m2

Maintenance: Regular watering while establishing, can tolerate dry summers once established

Available sizes: Tubestock
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