Melaleca armillaris – Bracelet Honey Myrtle – shrub, native  (small tree)

Bracelet Honey Myrtle ranges from a large shrub to a small weeping tree. Bushy native evergreen with fine glossy leaves and cream to white flower spikes in Spring. It is a hardy, commonly grown species, often used as a fast-growing screen plant. In its natural state, it grows on coastal cliffs and along estuaries.

Uses: Can be grown as a screen or living fence. Makes a good habitat for birds.

Dimensions: H up to 10m if allowed to grow as a tree  |  W up to 8m; often trimmed as a shrub/hedge.Flowering: cream flowers spikes in Spring; the flowers produce a sweet honey nectar which can either be sucked from the flowers or soaked in water to make a sweet drink.

Aspect: full sun.
Soil type: clay. loam, sandy.

Maintenance: prune to shape after flowering if using as a hedge; tolerates drought

Available sizes: various sizes
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