Poa labillardieri – Common Tussock Grass

Poa labillardierei (Common Tussock-Grass) is an attractive, low maintenance, native ornamental. It can be found in southern and eastern Australia including Tasmania, particularly in open forest communities, grassy woodland communities and in moister areas on low slopes and valley floors that are frequently wet. Due to its fast growth rate and shallow root system plants establishes quickly, incredible tough grass.

Uses: Revegetation on edge of highways and freeways, native landscaping.


Dimensions: Height: 1.2 metres |  Width: 60-70cm

Flowering: Delicate plumes extend above the highly ornamental foliage in spring and summer.

Aspect: Full sun but prefers light shade
Soil type: It can grow in clay loam, heavy clay, loam, sandy loam and sandy clay loam of medium to high fertility.
Planting rates:

Maintenance: Once established, it needs very low maintenance and no irrigation.

Available sizes: Tubestock & 140mm pots
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