Revegetation of flood-eroded Pappinbarra River corridor, mid north coast NSW

“The banks of the Pappinbarra River looks like a bomb has gone off and flattened everything in its wake.”

Pappinbarra NSW 2446 floods April 2021The Pappinbarra Valley [west of Port Macquarie mid north coast NSW] experienced its worst flooding in living memory in April 2021 with water levels rising as much as 15 metres. 

A not for profit group  – All Sustainable Futures –  applied for and received a government grant to undertake revegetation and report work along Pappinbarra River riparian corridor for eligible landowners in the Valley. 

bluedale Wauchope wholesale nursery supplied the first batch of endemic species tubestock (strappy leaf plants and native trees) to assist in the revegetation work with further plants to be supplied as the project progresses.

See blog for a fuller story of this flood damaged habitat and range of native plants to revegetate and regenerate the severely damaged habitat.

Lomandra hystrixMat Rush

Lomandra longifolia  – Basket Grass 

Tristaniopsis laurina – Water Gums 

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