Sarcocornia quinqueflora – Beaded Samphire, Bead Weed, Beaded Glasswort or Glasswort

Beaded Samphire is a perennial succulent or sub-shrub growing to about half a metre in height but often forms a low spreading ground cover. The fleshy stems are segmented into cylindrical or barrel-shaped segments and it has no leaves. Bead weed is usually green, but in conditions of stress it turns red. Grows on mudflats, seashore and saline areas that flood, and is well adapted to coping with high salt levels.

Uses: Excellent coastal ground cover, soil binding

Dimensions: Height: 10 – 50cm |  Width: 50cm

Flowering: The flowers are not very noticeable and are produced from between stem segments at the ends of the branches from March to June. The flowers are followed by spongy fruit about 8mm long.

Aspect: Full sun
Soil type: Prefers soils with high salinities but can tolerate a wide range of soil moistures from completely dry to completely water logged.
Planting rates:

Maintenance: Minimal

Available sizes: Tubestock
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