Sedum rupestre – Sedum Gold Mound 

Sedum is a hardy perennial succulent that grows as a dense mat-like groundcover of needle-like, light green leaves.This is a very useful and dense groundcover that produces masses of yellow star shaped flowers in spring. Very easy to grow, it makes a great border edging and requires very little maintenance. ‘Gold Mound’ is a popular cultivar with foliage that is golden in shade and lime green in full sun.

Uses: Ground cover or edging for paths/driveways, Rockeries, gravel or dry garden landscapes, Small gardens or spaces, Containers and general garden use


Dimensions: Height: 20cms |  Width: 60cm

Flowering: Produces masses of yellow star shaped flowers in spring.

Aspect: This versatile plant can grow happily in either sun or shade or any combination of – though they do perform best with plenty of direct sun. They are drought and salty air tolerant.
Soil type: A well drained soil is the only requirement. 

Planting rates:

Maintenance: No maintenance is necessary – apart from a light trim to keep neat. You can, however, use a half strength fertiliser in the growing season. These are very easy to propagate – just break a piece off, remove the foliage at the base of the stem and push it into some potting mix, then firm down and water. It will get going very quickly.

Available sizes: 140mm pots
Availability: contact Bluedale Wholesale  Nursery for current availability list or to discuss our pre-grow commercial plant service.