Melaleuca sieberi – Sieber’s Paperbark

Commonly known as Paperbark due to it’s grey or brown papery bark which sometimes grows to a height of 10 m. They are found mostly in  coastal areas of New South Wales up to the Queensland coast, growing best in coastal heath & sand. 

Uses: Revegetation, bee & butterfly  attracting, salt tolerant, windbreakers.

Dimensions: Height: Up to 10 m high

Flowering: Blooms small heads of fluffy flowers in spring

Aspect: Full sun and is drought tender. Can handle frost.
Soil type: Sandy & Moist Soil
Planting rates:

Maintenance: Generally speaking a moist soil and a sunny position will mean little to no  maintenance. They can be pruned to shape. If pruning is carried out from an early stage garden plants can be trained to a nice bushy shape or a hedge. Many species respond to hard pruning as well and will recover from being cut right back.

Available sizes: 50mm tubes
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