Syncarpia glomulifera – Turpentine Tree

A long lived (excess of 300 years), low maintenance tree which attracts a wide range of fauna since it reliably flowers heavily with copious nectar production annually. It can be slow to establish, as such prefers heavier, moist soils. Best in coastal and lower mountain ranges extending from southern NSW into QLD.

Uses: Larger parks and gardens and street tree

Dimensions: Height: 25 – 50+ metres |  Width: 12 metres

Flowering: Fused clusters of 7 white, fluffy, polystamenous flowers, peak flowering reliably occurs in October.

Aspect: Full sun to light shade. The less sun the taller and sparser the foliage.
Soil type: It can handle most soils from free draining sands to moderately heavy clay. It prefers a well-drained fertile soil.
Planting rates: 0.2/m2
Maintenance: Minimal maintenance required.
Available sizes: tubestock & 200mm pots & 25L
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