Themeda australis – Kangaroo Grass

(formerly known as Themeda triandra)

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A medium size, tufted warm season grass with green foliage turning reddish brown to purple in winter. It is a widely occurring grass and its form changes according to aspect and region. On
coastal heath land it is reduced to a prostrate ground cover, in sheltered coastal aspects in
will form tall leafy tussocks, and inland it often has shorter growing foliage forming a medium
sized clump. Care should be taken when buying Themeda for projects to ensure you get the
right form.

Uses: Revegetation, general landscaping

Dimensions: Height: 300mm to 700mm Wide: 400mm to 500mm   
Flowering: it flowers in summer, producing large red-brown spikelets on branched stems 

Aspect: Full sun to 50% shade
Soil type: A wide range of soil types from sandy loam, clay loam and light clays


Planting rates: Tubes 5 to 7/m2

Maintenance: Trim back at the end of winter, (August), to remove spent flowers and older foliage

Available sizes: Tubes (we can grow larger sizes to order)
Availability: contact Bluedale Wholesale  Nursery for current availability list or to discuss our pre-grow commercial plant service.