Trachelospermum jasminoides – Star jasmine

Star Jasmine or Trachelospermum jasminoides is an attractive, evergreen, twining, climber with dark, glossy, green leaves that are pointed at both ends. They are however particularly valued for their star-shaped and perfumed flowers which are produced in profusion in late spring and all through summer to early autumn. Spring and summer growth is often tinted pink.

Uses: they can be grown as ground covers where they make a nice thick glossy foliage mat but they are at their best climbing a trellis or up against a fence where the flowers will be more conspicuous and the scents closer to the nose. If used as a fence cover it will produce masses of beautifully rich, dark green and glossy oval shaped foliage to obscure the fence very quickly.

Dimensions: Height: 6 metres |  Width: 4 metres

Flowering: Clusters of highly fragrant, star-like white flowers that cover the plant from summer to autumn

Aspect: Will grow and flower in full sun to total shade
Soil type: Well drained, fertile soil and moderate water
Planting rates: 2/m2

Maintenance: Water well until established, once established the plant is moderately drought tolerant.

Available sizes: 40mm pots
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