Bluedale Wholesale Nursery - Street Trees

Why we grow street trees?

At Bluedale, in collaboration with our partner Ecoplant Australia, we work together to supply and make space to grow more street trees to help our environment!

Why Street trees?

You mean… Apart from the “feel good” factor of having green spaces in our cities? If your not the tree loving sort, then let’s talk about the impact/value of street

Planting large tree in urban spaces

  • Ameliorates the heat island effect
  • Reducing wind speed
  • Provides shade
  • Reduces energy usage

If it’s a question of cost…?

Expense of buying and installing and caring for street trees is not wasted as trees and urban landscapes provide more economically and ecologically than they use. In any comprehensive and fair calculation urban trees and landscapes are worth more than they cost.

A recent Australian National University study found that suburban street trees were more effective than native forests at capturing carbon because of their relative youth. The study was commissioned by the Australian Capitol Territory Government as part of refining its climate change strategy and was the first time carbon stocks and carbon storage rates have been measured for an entire state or territory (ABC News 2009).

And here’s a complicated maths sum to demonstrate the point!

Street Trees - Bluedale Wholesale Nursery

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